November Food of the Month – Turkey

One of my biggest supporters who I’ve mentioned here before, Cassie, gave me a great idea while I was still just imagining this blog about a year ago. I will have a food of the month that I will focus on to try several times throughout the month. What perfect food for November is there but turkey??

My History with Turkey

I’ve tried turkey several times throughout my life, mostly at on Thanksgiving. My family has always been convinced I would like it and I think they’re right, to an extent. Whenever I’ve tried turkey in the past I’ve been put off by the texture and how dry it is compared to chicken. This isn’t to bash the cooks who’ve made it for me, I’ve felt this way literally every time I tried turkey no matter who made it.

Then last year I went to my future in-laws’ home for Thanksgiving. Janelle, my future mother-in-law, made a smoked turkey with the idea/hope that I might like that because it was closer to chicken than a traditional turkey. And she was right!! I really liked it and got very excited to have it again. However, I haven’t had turkey since that meal.

My Plan for November

This month I plan on trying turkey at least five more times. I will try different forms/ways of eating turkey (turkey bacon, turkey sandwiches, etc.) while looking for new ways to cook it that might help me like it more. I’ll keep you all updated through this blog, Instagram, and Facebook so you can follow along and maybe learn how to like turkey a little more yourself!

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