Food Fail: Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For those who know my picky eating, you’d be shocked to learn I tried beef. What wouldn’t shock you is that I ordered the beef on accident and didn’t like it at all. 

Invictus Brewery and Tipsy Steer

Over this past weekend Drew and I went on a date to Invictus Brewing Co in Blaine, MN. We had never been there before, but the Tipsy Steer’s menu looked amazing. Let’s be honest. Any restaurant with Bacon Lollipops has to be amazing, right?

We sat on the patio with our masks (#socialdistancing) and perused the paper menus. There were plenty of meals I wanted to try, which is a pretty overwhelming experience for this picky eater! I don’t know about you, but when there are more than two options on a menu I want to eat I struggle to decide. The Bacon Lollipops were a no-brainer, we just needed to decide what our actual meals would be. 

My choices were:

  • Chicken quesadilla
  • Pretzel with beer cheese dip 
  • Boneless wings
  • Build your own mac and cheese (one of my all-time favorite options!)
  • Raspberry and brie chicken sandwich
  • Buffalo chicken sandwich
  • Several flatbread/personal pizzas
  • Short rib grilled cheese
Bacon Lollipops

Bacon Lollipops

I feel like I’m forgetting all of the dishes I wanted to try, but I’m getting too hungry writing about them and won’t be able to finish the list without drooling on my keyboard. You can see my dilemma though, right? Imagine living your whole life having one, maybe two, options available to you. You are used to it, you expect it, and it’s almost comforting to know that those are always there for you. Then suddenly you’re presented with about a dozen more options that look amazing, and you can’t bring yourself to pick just one. Decision overload! 

I struggled to decide what to get and was peppering Drew with questions about what he thought each dish would be like. One question for the Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich was, “are short ribs pork?” He said, “I think so,” and I didn’t give it a second thought. I then focused on what walnut bread is and that became my new fear of the food (would walnuts be chopped up in the bread, was the bread made out of walnuts, what would the taste and texture be like, etc.). I decided, in the spirit of my blog, to be “out there” with my order and to get what I thought was a pork sandwich that didn’t have any BBQ sauce on it (something I had not tried yet). Drew was excited for me to try something new, and I was eager to order a non-chicken meal!

Tipsy Steer's Short Rib Grilled Cheese

We got our drinks and put in our food order, which came out pretty quick (props to the Tipsy Steer for speedy service!). We of course dug into the Bacon Lollipops and I had to stop myself from downing both of mine before I even picked up my sandwich.

I cut the sandwich in half and noticed the “pork” looked a little darker than I thought it would be. I figured it was cooked and seasoned differently than I had seen before and pushed that reservation aside. I picked my sandwich up and took a bite.

My whole body reacted. 

I dropped the sandwich, eyes wide and stopped myself from spitting it out. Drew watched my reaction and knew immediately that it was a fail, but didn’t react negatively in the moment. I attribute this to his parental instincts of not reacting negatively to a bad situation (like a kid falling or running into a corner, if you don’t act like it’s a big deal they’ll shake it off) kicked in and he didn’t want me feeling worse than I already did. He just laughed that some cheese fell on my chin, then tentatively asked how it was. I didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t what I expected at all, but didn’t want to write it off in case I was overreacting and didn’t give the pork a fair shot. So I said “I’m not sure about this,” and kept eating.

I would take a small bite of sandwich, each a few fries, move to the bacon, then get another bite of sandwich. I even started pulling the meat out so there would be less in each bite. Drew had a bite or two and said he liked it (though that didn’t really help me in the moment). I kept eating to see if I liked it the more I tried it, but that went nowhere. It was weird the entire time and I couldn’t move past it.

Tipsy Steer's Short Rib Grilled Cheese

I finished one half of the sandwich and decided I was done. I didn’t want to suffer anymore, so I put it down and pushed my plate away. After looking at the meat more I asked Drew if he thought it was beef. He said he didn’t think so, then ate a little more sandwich. He opened it up and his eyes went wide. “Uhh, yeah this isn’t pork. You at beef! Beef eater!!” 

I wasn’t amused at all. No wonder I didn’t like it and couldn’t push past my initial reaction! My stomach was churning and I immediately wanted to leave. I feel bad but it put a big damper on our date night, especially because Drew was really enjoying Invictus and wanted to stay for another beer. I had to get the beef taste out of my mouth so I asked that we leave and go to a local wine bar for a drink and dessert.

What I Should Have Done Differently

  • Googled “Short Ribs.” When you do the first result reads “Short ribs are a cut of beef taken from the brisket, chuck, plate, or rib areas of beef cattle.” Instead I unfairly put it all on Drew to be my food encyclopedia, and he guessed.
  • Gotten a second opinion. I should have asked a sister or my mom if they thought I’d like short ribs.

But, in the spirit of a date, I left my phone in my purse.

What You Can Take From This

  • Do your research. Don’t guess and hope they will, instead double-check the items to be sure your picky eater will like the food you’re ordering.

This experience solidified my opinion on beef. I’ve tried it in a couple different ways now and haven’t liked it at all. Even when I thought it was another food and tried to imagine myself liking the “pork” (a common psych trick people claim helps with trying a new food), I couldn’t bring myself to keep eating. I don’t think I’ll ever try beef again, and I’m ok with that. I’ve given it a shot a couple times (even if I didn’t know it) and didn’t like it at all. So the next time someone asks why I don’t eat beef I can confidently say I don’t like it. I fully expect the “but it’s so good!” or “you just haven’t had it prepared right” responses that I almost always get, but now I have more ammunition to say I have, in fact, had it a couple times. Drew liked it, so it’s not that the meat was prepared wrong. I simply don’t like it (can you tell I’m fed up with this line of questioning? 🙂 ). 

I’ll leave you with the charge to take care of your picky eater, do your research on the food being served to them, and believe them when they say they don’t like it after trying it a few times. All of this will do wonders for their courage in trying new foods.

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