My Support Team: Drew

Every parent of a picky eater wonders, “how can I support my picky eater?” It feels so intimidating to try to help your picky eater when you aren’t sure where to start! Being a key member of your picky eater’s support team is critical to earning their trust. Once you do, you will be able to help your picky eater work through their fears of trying new food. One member of my support team has gone above and beyond over the last couple of years to support me and my efforts to become the Unpicky Eater.

One thing you’ll learn about me is that I am by no means the best chef in the world. Or in my own home 😅 That’s one motivation to become a better cook! Sure I love to bake, but cooking is a whole other story. I lean heavily on my wonderful husband, Drew, to help me out in the kitchen! Well, I should be honest. He cooks while I “help”… AKA give input.

In fact, his cooking skills are something that attracted me to him pretty quickly. Early on in our relationship he had me over for dinner (which, to my recollection, is the first time a guy cooked an entire meal for me, so I was impressed from the start!). He made me my favorite meal, Chicken Parmesan. He admitted after we ate that he was a little nervous about it because 1) what if he ruined my favorite meal for me and 2) he knew about my eating issues before we even started dating, so he felt a bit on the spot for this one. Spoiler alert: the chicken was AWESOME and we’ve had it several times since.

The Executive Chef of Our Home

Being a single dad for three girls, he has been cooking for other people for more than a decade now. In fact, he enjoys cooking when he has the time to do it. Playing around with new recipes and ideas is fun for him, especially if it involves any kind of meat. I am positive one thing that makes him a good, adventurous cook is that he loves food and isn’t afraid to try new things. Basically the opposite of me.

He enjoys making recipes up as he goes along, something that honestly brought up so much anxiety in me the first time we cooked together! “You’re not following the recipe exactly?? But how will you know it tastes right?” Let’s just say for my own sanity I had to sit out a bit during that first cooking adventure together. I’ve learned over the last year and a half to let him do his own thing and trust he knows what he’s doing. Otherwise I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to try out his rebellious and scary cooking habits. I’m not extra, I promise.

Most importantly, when Drew cooks for us he never puts my fears aside or shrugs off my concerns about if I’ll like something or not. One of the best things about his adventurous cooking skills is that he knows how to change recipes to be sure I like them. Whether it’s a little thing like swapping an ingredient or two or completely changing the way something is cooked, he never complains about having to switch things up for me. He gladly alters a meal or completely switches gears for me without giving me too hard a time about it. And even if he gives me a hard time it’s purely joking around, not actually being frustrated or impatient about my picky eating. He is one of my biggest supporters with not only being sure I’m comfortable with what I’m eating but with this blog and my effort to grow.

Ok, I’m starting to get all gushy inside just writing this down, but this guy is truly my biggest cheerleader for me and I couldn’t be more grateful for him. I’ve had some rough patches with my picky eating in past relationships (whether it’s romantic, family, or friends) and it’s hard to get over how lucky I am that he doesn’t let it be an issue for us.

How does this Answer “How Can I Support My Picky Eater”?

Next time you find yourself wondering, “how can I support my picky eater?” I hope you remember this post. Drew has been a major support and to not just me, but his daughters as well. I hope this post helps you understand how to best support your picky eater. Or, if you’re the picky eater, I hope it helps you seek these kinds of people in your life. Someone who doesn’t pressure you or make you feel guilty for needing to change a recipe. Someone who supports you no matter what, because they really care for you and your growth. Don’t accept negative pressure or judgment from people who are closest to you. If you’re a parent of the picky eater, don’t let others make your kid feel bad for their picky eating. Tough love is not always the answer. In fact it could cause more harm than good if it isn’t checked. Be patient and understanding, it can go a long way!

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