My Journey As A Picky Eater

Welcome to My Journey As a Picky Eater! In these posts, you’ll read about my life as a picky eater, how I’m working to become the Unpicky Eater, and what you can learn from my successes and failures.

First, we’ll cover my tasting process. This is something I’ve been working on since I was a kid, and honestly I’m still honing it today. But, after trial and error over 28 years, I’ve found a system that works for me time and again.

My Process for Trying New Food

However, sometimes my process doesn’t quite work out. I’ve had some pretty memorable failures when trying new food, both in the privacy of my parents’ home and in public. When you read these posts, I hope you remember that every failure is a chance to learn, NOT to give up. Like I said before, my journey as a picky eater has both ups and downs. These posts are to help you prepare for the failures that are sure to come as you help your picky eater learn how to like new food.

Food Fails

Ok, the bad part is over, I promise! Now here are some posts about my food wins! These sometimes unexpected success stories are what keep me going on my journey to become the Unpicky Eater. When it comes time to think of a new food to try, I think back to these moments and try to mimic what made them a success. Whether that be the place I’m in, people I’m with, or time of day. These all play a part in helping me overcome the fear of trying new food, something all parents of picky eaters need to understand.

Food Wins

Oh My Guac!

Sometimes my process goes right out the window because, well, I don’t know that I’m trying a new food. Though it doesn’t happen often, it isn’t unusual to be surprised by an unexpected ingredient, especially when eating at a restaurant. This happened (thankfully with success) during my first date with my now husband, Drew.

June Food of the Month – Peppers

One food I’ve seen come up time and again in recipes, meal prep ideas, and menu options is bell peppers. I’ve had tiny, tiny bites of them in the past, but this month I’m going to be intentional about fitting it into weekly meals to keep trying it more and more. On top of that,…

Final June Food of the Month – Chicken and Pepper Quesadillas

The Prep Ever have that moment when you’re cooking, getting in your groove and feeling like a Food Network star (don’t lie, I know you have pretended to have a cooking show too), when it hits you. You forgot to buy a key ingredient. In my case, it was the tortillas for our quesadillas 🤦🏼‍♀️…

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