My Journey

Welcome to My Journey! In these posts you’ll get to read about my life as a picky eater, how I’m working to become the Unpicky Eater, and what you can learn from my successes and failures.

My Food Tasting Process

Food Fails

Food Wins

Oh My Guac!

Sometimes my process goes right out the window because, well, I don’t know that I’m trying a new food. Though it doesn’t happen often, it isn’t unusual to be surprised by an unexpected ingredient, especially when eating at a restaurant. This happened (thankfully with success) during my first date with my now husband, Drew.

June 2020 Food of the Month

June Food of the Month – Peppers

One food I’ve seen come up time and again in recipes, meal prep ideas, and menu options is bell peppers. I’ve had tiny, tiny bites of them in the past, but this month I’m going to be intentional about fitting it into weekly meals to keep trying it more and more. On top of that,…

Ease Your Picky Eater’s Anxiety

icky eating anxiety is real. In my opinion, it’s the main reason why your picky eater refused to try new food. Unless you first ease your picky eater’s anxiety, you won’t get very far in helping them overcome the fear of trying new food.

My Dad – The Second Member Of My Support System

My Support System: My Dad Have you heard the phrase, “good cop, bad cop”? Well, in my family, that was pretty true when it came to my picky eating. As I noted in my post about my mom, she was very calm, patient, and rarely pressured me. But when it came to my dad, this…

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