Overcoming the Fear of Trying New Foods

This month I struggled to get past my feelings of failure to continue with my blog. Now I have a new outlook and excitement for what August has in store for me.

July Food of the Month – Green Beans

Like many picky eaters, green veggies have never truly appealed to me. Sure I learned to like lettuce and spinach when salads were the only thing I was willing to try, but that’s as far as I was willing to go. As for green beans, peas, brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, you name it, I stayed far away from those! But it was hard not to notice the pattern of these kinds of greens showing up to my favorite foods at restaurants. Like peppers, I figured this was a sign that I should maybe/possibly/kinda/wanna focus on green beans because they’re almost always part of a meal. But I definitely need picky eater-friendly recipes to do so.

But I Thought You Liked That?! Didn’t You Eat That Before?

One of the most common questions I get when eating with friends is "But I thought you liked [name food that I've eaten once in my life]? Why aren't you eating this?" Sometimes, picky eaters like me eat something in front of them just because they feel they have to, not because they actually like the food.

What is ARFID?

As I said in last week’s post, I have dealt with picky eating my whole life. It went beyond pure childlike stubbornness (though I don’t doubt I was guilty of doing that once or twice in my life) and didn’t end after I got out of my parents’ home and into the adult world. This … Continue reading What is ARFID?

About Me

Hi all! I'm Laura Kessler, a notorious picky eater who has made some serious strides in expanding my palate over the last decade. Let me tell you a little about it. Growing up, I always struggled with trying new foods. My parents dealt with me spitting out foods I didn't like, crying in public over … Continue reading About Me