July Food of the Month – Bacon Green Beans

You’d think bacon, being a staple in my diet, would help me like a new food. You’d think drizzling it with maple syrup on top of cooking green beans in bacon grease would help mask the new taste. But, unfortunately this time, it didn’t.  

Setting the Scene

Like most weekdays, we had plans for the evening and had to rush through dinner to get there on time. One thing we didn’t account for was how long we needed to cook down the green beans. For any green bean recipe you need plenty of time to cook down the green beans so their texture and taste are less aggressive. Needless to say, we didn’t do this.  

I can take the blame for the lack of time and preparedness. In addition to the green beans I planned out a meal of grilled chicken and roasted potatoes in case the girls didn’t like the green beans. One thing I know about myself and cooking is that I get too ambitious and try to fit a lot of things into one meal without accounting for time to prep. This leads to stress prepping and a less-than-impressive dish. On top of this I had not connected with Drew on the recipe and preparation because I assumed, incorrectly, that he knew the recipe off hand. He’s a great cook and knows quite a few recipes off the top of his head, but I was very wrong thinking he did this time! 

Bacon and Green Beans

Drew and I were rushing through dinner prep and honestly getting a little testy with each other because we felt stressed to finish up in time. This also meant I wasn’t completely relaxed walking into this food tasting. 


  • 12 oz of green beans, with ends cut off (we bought Good and Gather from Target) 
  • 1 lbs. Maple bacon 
  • 2-3 Tbsp. Of maple syrup 


  1. Chop up the bacon into 1-inch pieces 
  1. Cook bacon down in two large skillets (we use our favorite cast-iron skillets) until just crispy 
  1. While the bacon cooks, bring a large pot of water to a boil 
  1. Put the green beans in the water and boil down until soft, then drain the green beans 
  1. Put all green beans and bacon in one skillet. Cook down for 30-45 minutes. 
  1. Remove from pan and serve immediately 

The Kids’ Opinions

Before I had a chance to dish up my own meal, Kyra and Addy had already sat down and dug into the green beans. They LOVED them! Drew and I were pretty surprised with how much they enjoyed them. Better yet they both went up for seconds and thirds. So, I can say confidently that two of our kids without picky eating issues like this recipe a lot! Kyra was really excited about me trying them and described why she thought I’d like them (highlighting the syrup and bacon, of course).  

The Tasting

The combination of the beautiful bacon aroma, maple syrup drizzle, and girls’ raving about the recipe made me very excited to try the green beans. However, as I advise I only took a few pieces of green beans so I didn’t feel overwhelmed at the idea of eating a pile of food I may not like. I sat down, picked up a green bean and piece of bacon (heavier on the bacon than the green beans) and took a bite. I was very underwhelmed. It felt like I was eating fresh green beans with some bacon thrown in. I couldn’t get past this initial reaction, even though I ate all the green beans on my plate.  

Bacon Green Beans with chicken and potatoes

Tip: only put a small amount of the new food on your picky eater’s plate so it seems less daunting.

I think if we had time to cook the green beans down (we only spent about ten minutes doing this, rather than the prescribed 30-45 minutes) I would have liked them more. When I’ve had cooked veggies before they didn’t feel quite so fresh as these were, which is why I think they were off-putting to me. 

What I Could Do Differently

  • Plan aheadI should have thought about the recipe of all ingredients in advance, especially considering the timeline. Then I would have started earlier to cook the green beans down appropriately. 
  • Communicate with Drew. I honestly thought Drew knew this recipe really well, but we had never discussed those details before we started cooking. If I had known that then I would have found a recipe sooner. That definitely would have helped with prep! 

What You Can Learn from This

  • A little goes a long way. Only serve your picky eater a small portion of the new food. This helps it feel less overwhelming or daunting for your eater who may see a big pile of new food as a scary obstacle.
  • Even though I didn’t like this recipe, the girls certainly did! They ate more green beans than chicken or potatoes.
  • Be sure you’re prepared. Lack of preparedness is constantly an issue for me, and I don’t want it to be one for you too! Make sure you have the time and ingredients necessary to complete the meal correctly.
  • Keep trying. I plan on making this recipe again in the future. I think I need to keep working on this food because I’ve liked other green bean recipes, but this time around the recipe just wasn’t prepared correctly.

Watch the Tasting:

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